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Privacy Statement

Mid-List Press is committed to protecting your privacy as you visit our website. We will not collect your name, address, or e-mail address unless you specifically provide that information.

You may elect to do so when you subscribe to our E-zine or use the shopping cart to order books directly from Mid-List Press. We also request contact information, including an e-mail address, on the entry form for the First Series Award Program. We will not use your name or e-mail address other than to send you the E-zine, contact you about an order, or notify you about the status of your manuscript. If you contact us via e-mail, we will reply via e-mail. But we will not sell or rent your contact information to any third party for any commercial use whatsoever.

Our site contains links to other sites that are not under our control. These links have been suggested by our authors and colleagues so that visitors to our site may access other online resources available to writers and readers. Keep in mind that these other sites may have different privacy policies, which Mid-List Press cannot control.

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