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Jason Waldrop

Jason Waldrop was born in Georgia, graduated from Yale University in Connecticut, and now lives in Slough House, California. He has worked as an emergency aid caseworker, a church organist, a theater producer, and a medical bookstore manager. "I'm a freelance writer now," he says.

His novel may be a cautionary tale, but it is also a romance of the bureaucracy. The government, the black market, and the resistance make their own busywork. Waldrop explains, "My generation came of age in the world of information, and we continue to scurry back and forth between secrecy and expose. In The Last Cigarette, democracy has dwindled away into the perpetual twilight of special prosecutions. Secret operations are a way of channeling evil intent into useless pursuits."

In addition to The Last Cigarette, Jason Waldrop has published short fiction and poetry in many prestigious journals. His plays and video scripts have been produced in Georgia and in California.

Titles by Jason Waldrop
The Last Cigarette


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