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Short Fiction
by Kristen Staby Rembold

Price: $12.00
192 pages
trade paper
ISBN: 0922811199
LCCN #: 94-013615

This emotionally powerful first novel focuses on the often ambivalent relationships between three generations of women. When Laura Brunner returns to Felicity to rescue her beloved grandmother, now blind and failing, from imminent exile to a nursing home, the complex realities, as well as the memories her visit forces to the surface, are not always felicitous. And yet, as she begins to integrate the meaning and experience of her grandmother's and mother's lives into her own, she comes to accept that intimacy is worth the risk—and the sacrifice—it entails.

"Poignantly written."—Buffalo News

"Rembold has an intense, poetic gift. But at the heart of this novel is [her] probing awareness of the complexity of the bond among a family's generations of women. When Laura offers her moments of illumination about this tangle, she can be piercingly believable. The strength of Felicity is in an emotional accuracy that surfaces."—Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Rembold handles with courage and sensitivity the fate of the physically failing Grandmother Katherine. The contrast between Laura's will for her grandmother and what Katherine is actually capable of lends the narrative great poignancy."—St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Rembold can write. Felicity contains many finely wrought passages, particularly the flashbacks, which make up a good part of the book … smooth and polished."—Belle Lettres

"Graduate student Laura Brunner leaves for Felicity, her hometown in northwestern New York State, when she learns that her parents plan to move her blind maternal grandmother to a nursing home. As Laura explores memories of family and friendship in Felicity, and experiences Grandma Katherine's failing capacities when she takes her back to Chicago and then to Iowa, she makes peace with the past and prepares for her own academic and marital commitments."—Booklist


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