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Short Fiction
by John Prendergast

Price: $14.00
256 pages
trade paper
ISBN: 0922811237
LCCN #: 95-012783

Set during President's Day weekend 1984, at the height of Ronald Reagan'sself-proclaimed "Morning in America," Jump follows a circle offriends as they travel from Philadelphia to Vermont for a ski weekend thatincludes seductions and betrayals, cold lasagna, discourses on the true meaningof television, and a handgun -- almost everything except skiing.

The publication of this book is made possible, in part, by funds provided by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council from an appropriation from the Minnesota Legislature

"Generation-Xers at their weekend pains and pleasures: an accomplished and engaging novelistic debut." -- John Barth

"A quick-moving, page-turning, bittersweet story, well told, of our latest lost generation. John Prendergast has a sharp eye and a good ear and he can make you care for his crew of memorable characters." -- George Garrett

"Prendergast spins a fascinating, fast-paced tale of not-ready-for-adulthood characters searching for life and love in all the wrong places." -- Nick Pileggi

"A vigorous debut. Jump has a lot more bite than the usual Big Chill college-reunion memoir." -- Publishers Weekly


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